As one of the largest manufacturers of purpose-built morgue trailers and portable mortuary surge solutions in North America, Acela is well positioned to provide your agency or institution with high-quality disaster mortuary surge solutions to meet a wide variety of needs and budgets.

17'- 40' Mobile morgue expansion trailer

Acela’s morgue trailers are available in a variety of sizes from 17-foot up to 31-foot (interior length) and are all manufactured to maintain 35-degree (F) interior temperatures in 110-degree (F) outside ambient temperatures. Acela incorporates a variety of different construction techniques and optional accessories to match any client’s requirements and budget. From an escalating multi-casualty incident to a pandemic-caused mortuary surge scenario, Acela has expertly engineered solutions to meet your specific needs.


Standard Specifications

  • 17 to 31 Foot Interior Length (16-48 Cadavers)
  • 4" Nominal Closed-cell Polyurethane Insulation
  • Maintain3 35ºF (1ºC) in 110ºF (43ºC) Ambient Temps
  • Bumper-pull (Towed with Most SUV's or Pick-up Trucks)
  • Low Floor, Easy-Access Ramp Systems
  • Motion-Sensing Interior Lighting
  • Seamless, Heavy-Duty Commercial Flooring
  • Aluminum or Composite Interior Walls
  • Aluminum Rolling Racks
  • 30+ Year Lifespan


  • Generator Backup Power
  • Audible/Visual Alarms
  • Transfer Switches
  • Exterior Scene Lighting
  • Folding Wall Rack Systems
  • Collapsing Rolling Rack Systems
  • Solar Battery Chargers
  • Maintenance and Storage Solutions

53' Mobile morgue Expansion trailer

Acela has partnered with manufacturers of refrigerated tractor trailers to provide 53-Foot Mobile Morgue Expansion Trailers (MMETs) to accommodate the challenging demands of immediate mass storage of decedents. Utilizing seamless flooring, lifts and custom racking and loading systems the Acela 53’-Foot trailer has the capacity to store up to 90 remains.

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Standard Specifications


Acela understands the unique demands of Hospitals, Funeral Homes and Morgues. When looking for a morgue trailer, disaster response unit, or a temporary refrigerated morgue truck, Acela is the most trusted source to meet your needs.

Acela’s 53-Foot Mobile Morgue Expansion Trailer (MMET) can handle up to 90 decedents at max capacity. We can help you explore the right solution for your needs.


Cadaver Lifts

The CL 1000 Cadaver Lifts are designed to assist the loading and unloading of body trays from mortuary refrigerators and Mobile Morgue Expansion Trailers (MMETs). Designed with a narrow body to allow  ease of movement through congested work areas and narrow aisles.


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